Artist Statement

As an experimental filmmaker and video installation artist, I am fascinated with the synthesis between the sometimes divergent, yet integrable worlds of film and video. My primary interest and involvement the last several years has been to create film art in the digital realm. Conversely, I have also enjoyed presenting my digital creations in traditional theatrical settings. I have become well acquainted with both antiquated and modern motion-image technologies and use this unique combination as the basis for my art-making tools.

By utilizing motion picture film to create and manipulate my source imagery, I have been able to achieve deeper, warmer and more organic visuals. I've made a point to integrate natural characteristics, even "faults" of the filmic medium - including graininess, scratches, dirt, flares, flickering footage and sprocket holes - to not only acknowledge film as the original medium, but also to add to the visual and symbolic vocabulary.

At the same time, employment of the latest digital technologies has allowed me to create large, continuous and virtually indefinite playback display of high quality video content in ways that were previously too bulky to install or costly to acquire and maintain. Such current technologies integrated into modern architectural and public environments allow my work to reach much wider audiences who can have the rare experience of viewing non-commercial motion-media art.

For my video installation projects, I initially draw inspiration from the environments where these projects are to be featured, by both the architects' concepts behind the specific structures and what the places symbolize to me personally. The filmmaking process then provides the opportunity for me to reflect and extrapolate, even expand upon my personal experience with the given topic. My films often meditate on the subtleties and subjective quality of these experiences. I often find myself attracted the extraordinary in the mundane and strive to bring special attention to things normally experienced in the background.